September 25, 2022

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Egyptian football hero and TV analyst calls homosexuality a 'dangerous ideology' |  football

Egyptian football hero and TV analyst calls homosexuality a ‘dangerous ideology’ | football

“It goes against human nature,” he wrote to beIN Sports in Qatar. Aboutrika encourages Premier League players to take action against the rainbow campaign. “Homosexuality is not compatible with Islam,” he said. “It’s a dangerous ideology that gets dirty, and Muslims have a role to play in eliminating it.”

The 100-time international also believes that the channel should take action by moving into the match only at the moment the match kicks off. This way, as little rainbow campaign as possible will be shown. “If something happens during the match, we have no influence on it. But in this way, we are at least doing everything we can to not spread this dangerous ideology further.”

Kick It Out, the British organization that promotes inclusion in football, responded to Aboutrika’s comments. “We condemn Aboutrika’s incredibly homophobic comments,” said Chris Bowros, Vice President of Kick It Out. Watchman. “We are deeply disappointed and concerned that beIN Sports has decided that it is appropriate to broadcast this hate speech and urge you to apologize.”

Ugra, which is committed to discrimination in football, is also critical of Aboutrika and Al-Qana. “No one from beIN Sport did anything. He was given space to deny the rights and existence of an entire community.”

The two organizations also fear that the statements will be on Qatari television. The World Cup will be held there next year.

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