December 7, 2022

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Eileen van Dijk attacks today's clock record: 'I think about it every second of the day' |  Cycling

Eileen van Dijk attacks today’s clock record: ‘I think about it every second of the day’ | Cycling

Elaine Van Dyck (35) He’s been toying with the idea of ​​attacking the hourly record for so long and today is the day. “I am confident,” she said at the press conference in Grinchen, Switzerland.

It wouldn’t be ready. Van Dyck’s entourage included 15 people, each with his own job. “I feel special because of the support they gave me,” says the Dutch cyclist. “I’ve never had so much effort trying to score a women’s watch.”

Eileen van Dijk is the current world champion in trials, and therefore only knows what suffering is. “But it really can’t be compared. This is a completely different system. You have to stay focused for a full hour, while the cycle doesn’t change. In time trials, the maximum is 45 minutes and you’re constantly seeing different things.”

Also of great importance to the aerodynamic position is the position adjustment for Van Dijk: “In the position I have to occupy, I can hardly see anything, so it is difficult to continue following my streak. But the gains I make with this position are big enough to hold me.” “

Whether she can actually break the record – Loden ran 48,405 kilometers on the same Swiss track a year ago – is also a question for Van Dijk herself. “I can’t anticipate that, but the intention is to go for it. I’ll start with a schedule ahead of the record and then we’ll see if I can keep it.”

Trying to register is very cumbersome. When a reporter noticed Van Dijk looking relaxed, she replied cleverly, “You should ask my friend how relaxed I am. I think about it every second of the day, and sometimes it drives me crazy. And he is!”

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