July 21, 2024

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Elderly couple kidnapped and murdered: ‘My defenseless parents were slaughtered’

Elderly couple kidnapped and murdered: ‘My defenseless parents were slaughtered’

Tony, 73, and his wife Gillian, 78, originally from Great Britain, were kidnapped from their farm in Middleross, South Africa, by three armed men in August last year.

Then they were brutally killed. Their bodies were dismembered and parts of their bodies were sold to the “medicine man,” he wrote. the sun.

A walking stick was found

The homeowner and their neighbor raised the alarm after not seeing the couple for several days. Their car was in the driveway and they were not answering their phones. He went inside and found the couple’s five dogs and three cats, as well as the woman’s cane.

“She’s not going anywhere without that cane because she’s having trouble walking, and that set off alarm bells.”

A 22-year-old suspect was arrested in March this year. He confessed to his involvement in the kidnapping. But he was released last Friday due to lack of evidence.

Old and defenseless

The couple’s daughter fears justice will never be served. “My parents were slaughtered. They were old and defenseless and all they had was each other. Why would someone do something like that to people? They were both just gone. It’s as if strange creatures took them, and there’s no trace of them anymore.” He told local media.

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