October 3, 2023

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Elise Merton trick!  She is the #3 female manager in the world at Roland Garros |  Roland Garros 2023

Elise Merton trick! She is the #3 female manager in the world at Roland Garros | Roland Garros 2023

Elise Mertens booked an impressive third round win at Roland Garros. With an excellent match, she swept the world number three Jessica Pegula off the court.

Belgian hopes remain strong in Paris. With a strong performance, Elise Mertens put world number three Jessica Pegula above the knee. I reached the eighth finals.

Mertens was elusive from the start. I immediately grabbed the first 5 games. 5-0 after 19 minutes.

The Belgian number 1 was constantly on the net and surprised Pegola with aggressive and dangerous play.

But the risks clearly paid off. Only one game Mertens had to yield to Pegula in the first set. Our compatriot made a clear statement with a score of 6-1.

Group 2 started well for Mertens. With the break it climbed back to 1-0, although Pegula hit back strongly a few minutes later. 1-1 after two periods.

Only after 6 matches does Mertens finally take the lead. She served the American again and made it 4-3.

The next game is more important. In Game 8, Pegula gets three break-even opportunities, but misses them. Mertens takes advantage and puts 5-3 on the board after a game that lasted nearly fifteen minutes.

Spring has finally broken with American Spring. Mertens up to 6-3, victory and the next round.

against the previous finalist in the Final Eight

In the Final Eight, Mertens will face Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. The Russian is no stranger: she is formerly No. 11 in the world and was a finalist in Paris in 2021.

Due to a long-term injury, she freestyled down the world rankings last year. Today she is only 333rd in place, but she is fighting her way back. With success: she defeated compatriot Anastasia Potapova (WTA 24) after three sets.

Mertens: “I played really well”

Elise Mertens had little time for interviews after her bus, because a double match was waiting for her. “I played really well, I think.”

“I played very aggressively and all the balls stayed in the field, even though it was a bit windy. That was amazing.”

“In the second set the difference was smaller. The match at 4-3 was very important. If I didn’t win that, you never know what could have happened.”

  1. 13:24 It felt like a home game. Thanks to all supporters. Elise Mertens.
  2. 13h22.
  3. 13:22 Mertens does it! The first match ball is enough for our compatriot! You’ve made it to the eighth finals! .
  4. 13h21.15-30 for Mertens. Look better and better! .
  5. 13h19.
  6. 13h18.5 – 3! Some stress! Pegula gains up to a 3x advantage with the deuce, but still lets the game slip. Mertens finishes it off at the second chance and puts it 5-3 on the board. .
  7. 13 hours 04.
  8. 1 p.m. 03.4-3 Mertens! We just asked for it. There is a new break! Essentially, Mertens is now increasingly in control of its American opponent. 4-3! .
  9. 12 hours 59.
  10. 12 hours 59. 3-3. After two breaks at the start of the set, 4 matches followed without a break. Pegula finds the net more often, Mertens in level: 3-3. .
  11. 12h52. It’s raining double faults. This time it is Pegula who wastes one point very easily, but she also keeps her game after a net duel. .
  12. 12h50.
  13. 12 p.m. 49. 2-2. With an ace, a lucky shot at the net and a powerful backhand, Mertens initially didn’t leave Pegula many chances, but with a sixth double fault she was in trouble again. In the end she finished well and it was 2-2. .
  14. 12h45.
  15. 12 hours 44. 1-2. Mertens is behind for the first time in this match. Pegula makes it 1-2 and starts playing more and more offensively. Will this be a turning point or will the Belgian quietly continue her momentum in Group 1? .
  16. 12:40 p.m. Break after halftime: 1-1. Another great shot from Mertens in the second half, but it’s not enough to hold her own serve. With her fifth double fault, she also delivered. .
  17. 12 hours 36.
  18. 12:34. Mertens Goes! It looks as though we’re getting a repeat of Game 1 in Set 1. Mertens is trailing 0-30, but still completely turns it around with some devastating shots. Immediately break. 1-0 Mertens in Group 2.
  19. 12h 29. Will the world number 3 American find a solution to Mertens’ aggressive play in the second set? .
  20. 12 hours 26. Mertens’ first set! Pegula gets excited that things are not going as expected and Mertens takes advantage and takes the first set 6-1. Hard work from Belgium. .
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