February 6, 2023

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Elke Clijsters has found love with professional darts player Mike De Dekker: ‘Happy end to the year’ | BV

BVElk Clijsters (37) has a relationship with darts player Mike De Dekker (27). The couple reported this through a photo on Instagram. “Much love from us. Happy New Year,” they wrote. Clijsters and Dekker haven’t had much luck in recent years. For example, Elke caught a bot on The Bachelorette, and Mike’s relationship recently hit the rocks.


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Elke Clijsters, Kim’s younger sister and ex-daughter of Red Devil Lei, went looking for a life partner on the TV show ‘De Bachelorette’ last year. There she met Ivan, although the love between them quickly cooled. At the time, Elke said of the split: “At first, Evan and I were on a pink cloud. The feelings were there, as was the physical attraction. But the doubts I had about ‘us’ during ‘The Bachelorette’ turned out to be vindicated. Clijsters says:” Our lives are actually too different to come up with a success story.”

Subsequently, Elke has also regularly indicated that she is particularly careful when it comes to relationships. “Sometimes they ask why I don’t have a boyfriend, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a good example to my children of being happy without a relationship. I told a story a few months ago. Clijsters has her two children with footballer Jil Van Damer. They became parents to a son Cruz in a year 2009 and a daughter, Cleo, in 2010. Gilly and Elk divorced in 2016.

look. Elke chose Ivan on The Bachelorette, but they didn’t find their “happily ever after” together.

So Clijsters found her new love happiness with darts player Mike De Dekker. And a professional player who has made the best performances in recent months. He says he owes these accomplishments mainly to the breakup with his ex-girlfriend. I lived in the Netherlands with my girlfriend, but that relationship fell apart in September. As a result, I went to live in Mechelen again with my mother and stepfather. This way I can train with Martin (his stepfather) everyday again. Because of him I spend more time on the board, which increases my level. When I was in the Netherlands, I rode faster.”

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Darts passion

The arrows bug is one of those discovered by both Mike and Elke. Elke recently participated in “BV Darts”. She liked her participation so much that she regularly participated in local tournaments after that. I’ve also competed in the World Cup finals in London several times over the past two weeks. So Elke and Mike won’t have to play sports alone in the future.

look. Elke Clijsters gets help from two math wizards at “BV Darts”.

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Mike De Decker and Elk Clijsters. © Instagram