December 4, 2022

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Ellen Pompeo Confirms: She's Leaving 'Grey's Anatomy' After Nineteen Seasons |  Television

Ellen Pompeo Confirms: She’s Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After Nineteen Seasons | Television

TelevisionEllen Pompeo, 53, is saying goodbye to “Grey’s Anatomy” after nineteen seasons. The lead actress is “eternally grateful and humbled by all the love and support,” she wrote on Instagram.

Pompeo, who played Dr. Meredith Grey, has starred in more than 400 episodes of the popular hospital series. The actress already had doubts about the nineteenth series last year, but she was still convinced. She can only be seen there in a limited number of episodes. Her departure could mean the end of the series, because the directors have always said, “Not without wanting her to continue.”

In her farewell message, Ellen Pompeo thanked the fans. “I am forever grateful and humbled for all the love and support you have given me, Meredith Gray and the show for 19 seasons! None of this would have been possible without the best fans in the world.” “You guys made this trip so fun and creative. show must go on I will definitely come back to visit you.”

In America, the nineteenth season can be watched on ABC from the end of this year. In our country, the series can be watched on Disney +, where the other eighteen series can also be found. “Grey’s Anatomy” is the longest running hospital series of all time. This record was previously held by “ER” (1994-2009), but that medical drama “only” came out for fifteen seasons.

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