November 30, 2022

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Elon Musk Offers More Sales Power On Twitter |  News

Elon Musk Offers More Sales Power On Twitter | News

It is not clear how many layoffs are involved. Bloomberg reported Sunday that Musk was considering firing more people in the sales department. Earlier, he had already fired half of the Twitter employees and lost more employees because they didn’t promise to work harder. Twitter no longer has a communications section.

Before Musk took over the company, Twitter had more than 7,000 employees. That would now be about 2,750, though some layoffs and departing employees may not yet be included in those numbers, according to Bloomberg.

Experts have warned that Twitter has become vulnerable to disruptions due to Musk’s ruthless interference. If a problem suddenly arises, the remaining staff may not be able to solve it. And if a site becomes untrustworthy, that can also drive away users. So more and more advertisers are saying goodbye to Twitter. Last weekend, CBS News announced that it would stop advertising on Twitter for the time being.

France’s digital communications regulator sent a letter to Twitter on Monday expressing concern about the massive job losses. Monitoring firm Arcom fears that numerous layoffs will make it difficult to verify information about the messaging service and handle malicious messages. As a result, according to Arcom, Twitter could become a less secure environment for users. The regulator wants an answer from Twitter before November 24.

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