December 7, 2023

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Embarrassing story in "De Slimste Mens": Gloria once vomited from her window on the front door |  smartest man 2021

Embarrassing story in “De Slimste Mens”: Gloria once vomited from her window on the front door | smartest man 2021

TVPresenter Gloria Monseries, 20, delivers a stunning ad tonight in “The Smartest Man.” Once he threw Ketnet’s belt over the front door, out of her window. “I thought it was a dream.”

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Eric Van Lowe will ask all of the candidates tonight if they can handle alcohol well. “After two glasses, I’m already a lot of fun,” says nutritionist Sandra Bakari, it seems.

Gloria Monseries believes in herself that “ça va” reacts with alcohol. “Once I vomited on the front of our house from my window. I sat on my bed and didn’t feel well. I looked at the bathroom and my window, and finally decided to vomit out of the window.”

“However, when I looked out the window the next morning, I saw nothing,” Gloria continues. “I thought, ‘I dreamed of everything, it’s not real.'” Until my father and mother suddenly came home angry: “One of your friends is vomiting at the door. It must be over by now.'”

“At first I answered, ‘Wow, I have to say that.’” Gloria said with a smile, “In the end I had to confess, because my dad was about to call my friends.”

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Radio presenter Gloria Monseries in “The World’s Smartest Man.” © SBS