June 5, 2023

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‘Emily Is Not Welcome’: Known set decorations from the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ are damaged | television

For three seasons, the Netflix series ‘Emily in Paris’ has shown us the most beautiful places in Paris, where main character Emily Cooper lives and works. But the neighborhood, once quiet, is now a tourist hot spot. The locals do not find trouble with the many fans, and are even grateful to them, but they are tired of the inconvenience caused by the series’ antagonists.

The once-quiet Place de l’Estrapade in the French capital has been a tourist hotspot since the Netflix series “Emily in Paris.” Fans are just too happy to pose in front of famous sets, like Emily’s (Lily Collins) apartment or Gabrielle’s (Lucas Bravo) restaurant. The “Boulangerie Moderne” bakery, where Emily regularly gets her croissants, is also located in this area.

Modern Boulangerie. ©AP

Bakery owner Thierry Rapigneau is grateful for the success and for the many fans who buy their coffee cake there, but the downside to success can be off, he says. Some people write anonymous and incorrect reviews about the bakery. For example, “People write that it is expensive and not tasty.” Rabineau suspects that the series gives the impression that ‘Boulangerie Moderne’ is synonymous with luxury and exorbitant prices, while it is an ordinary local bakery.

Emily is not welcome.

Not only local merchants, but also local residents are affected. For example, the text “Emily not welcome” was applied in red to the apartment building where main character Emily lives.

Text applied
The text “Emily is not welcome” was applied in graffiti in the apartment building where main character Emily lives. ©AP

Even though the famous building has been damaged by graffiti, fans continue to pull out their selfie sticks. While pointing to the text, they take pictures. Among them is Abdullah Najari, an internist from Berlin and a fan of the series. “I’ve already seen a lot of Paris celebrities through that series and it’s fun,” he said.

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Croatian Sladana Grzincic is also a fan and is eagerly looking forward to the next season, although this will “look a little different” for her, since she has visited famous places from the series. It is not yet known when the fourth season will be shown.

look. Trailer for the third season of Emily in Paris