December 6, 2023

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Emma Watson wanted to leave "Harry Potter" after several films

Emma Watson wanted to leave “Harry Potter” after several films

At the Christmas special, Emma Watson said she was reluctant to continue playing Hermione Granger. © Reuters

In such a meeting, a person knows something. in a Harry Potter: Back to Hogwarts, who can be seen with us on Streamz from today, tells Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger that she really wanted to stop Harry Potter after four films. And it would have been close if they had to look for another actress.

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It’s David Yates, the man who directed the last four Potter films, who told in the special that Watson (then sixteen) didn’t know if she wanted to play in them. phoenix medalIt is the fifth film in the series. The pressure is enormous, when you’re starring in a movie that is loved all over the world. In addition, I sometimes felt lonely on the set.

“People forget what she did. How well did she do it,” Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) said in the special. Moreover, this fifth film was shot at a pivotal moment in the lives of the young heroes, who are beginning to mature in that period. “Everyone seemed to have doubts at times, but no one said them outright. We dealt with it our own way,” says Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley). “It never occurred to us that others had the same feelings.”

But, as we know, all the actors stayed on board until the bitter end. “In the end, no one really had to convince me to stop,” Watson said. “The fans wanted us to succeed and they were all behind us. It was amazing.”

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