December 9, 2022

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Energy-efficient apartment renovation should be easier |  living

Energy-efficient apartment renovation should be easier | living

On Tuesday, the Parliament’s Climate Committee approved the initiator’s proposal, Chris Verduct (Vorwett), aimed at facilitating the implementation of energy-saving interventions in an apartment building. Vlaams Belang only abstained from voting. The intention is now for the federal government to start working in the construction and real estate sector. There are many legal and financial barriers that must be removed. Member of Parliament Verdueckt stresses the urgency of the measures: “If we want to reduce the energy consumption of apartment dwellers, the important challenge is energy-efficient restoration of those buildings. This must be possible faster: everything is on board.”

At least a quarter of Belgium’s population lives in an apartment, and that share is rising. In cities, this percentage rises to 70% of the total population. But barely 4% of all Flemish apartments today carry the most economical “energy label”. In Brussels it is 8% and in Wallonia 3%. By 2050, all apartments should carry a high-quality seal. However, renewals are currently considered a challenging task due to the complex system of joint ownership (VME) binding. For example, solar panels can only be installed if 2/3 of the entire population agrees: the signatories to the proposal want this to be possible by a simple majority.