February 2, 2023

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Energy tips for gyms |  Flemish Sports Federation

Energy tips for gyms | Flemish Sports Federation

Tip 3: Lower the maximum temperature

3.1 Reduce the ambient temperature

One degree lower temperature saves an average of 7% energy. Cafeterias often heat up well before people arrive, but once everyone is in there, it quickly gets very hot. Therefore, the lower starting temperature is often more pleasant later in the evening.

3.2 Reduce the temperature of your heating installation

For convenience, gas boilers are often set at 75°C to be able to burn “surely warm enough”. This is rarely necessary, especially in the middle of the season, to achieve a comfortable indoor temperature. Lowering the heating temperature to 55 or 65°C can quickly build up to 11% because your gas boiler can effectively condense.

3.3 Domestic hot water

Showers are a major expense of the gym. A 30 liter shower can cost approximately €0.5 in energy alone. There are many opportunities to save here.

Reducing the demand for water

With limited water flow, you can still wash perfectly, but comfortable use is limited. The hard-to-operate push buttons also ensure that prolonged showers change clothes more quickly and thus save water.

  • Set the flow rate to 7 L/min (it’s easy to test with a bucket and timer).
  • Provide automatic push buttons with timer, avoid one click for all shower times.

Determine the maximum water temperature

The warmer the water in the shower is set, the more expensive the shower will be. 45°C is luxuriously warm, and 35°C certainly isn’t a cold shower, but it can save a sip of a drink on your energy bill.

  • 35 degrees Celsius: 0.39 euros
  • 40 degrees Celsius: 0.47 euros
  • 45 degrees Celsius: 0.55 euros
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Lower the temperature of the water heater

If enough hot water is available, lowering the boiler temperature can reduce standstill losses. This can be a solution, especially for clubs with smaller but regular consumption.

Turn off the heater if it has not been used for several days

It doesn’t make sense to keep your kettle at the right temperature all week long if you only shower a few days a week. A digital timer on an electric water heater pays off quickly.