February 1, 2023

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England bans plastic cutlery: ‘That’s reaching for a mop instead of turning off the tap’ | Abroad

Plastic plates, cutlery and a whole host of other disposable items will be banned in England from October. Environment Minister Therese Coffey said the government wanted to reduce the “devastating” impact of plastic on the environment. Plastic containers, certain types of polystyrene cups, and food packaging will also be banned.

From October, shops, takeaways and street food stalls will not be allowed to display their goods in disposable plastic. However, the ban will not apply to dishes and dishes used to package, in the relevant Ministry’s terminology, pre-packaged foodstuffs for store shelves.

In England, according to the Ministry of Environment’s calculations, 2.7 billion pieces of disposable plastic cutlery are used each year, of which only 10 percent is recycled. Plastic waste often does not decompose and can sit in landfills for years. While it can be useful in terms of food hygiene, it can also end up as garbage, which in turn pollutes soil and water.

It is expected that the ban will be enforced through administrative penalties, although repeated violations may be considered an offense.


Governments in Scotland and Wales have already imposed similar bans. In England, policy is set by the national government.

Not impressive

The environmental movement is not impressed with the ad. Nina Schrank of Greenpeace UK said: “This is rumbling on the fringes of a huge problem. Banning products one by one might get the government some great headlines, but it won’t stop the massive amount of plastic the UK is producing this year.”

Fellow campaign manager Megan Randles is also not happy with the government’s plans: “We’re dealing with a deluge of plastic, but these measures are more like holding a mop than turning off the tap.”

Governments in Scotland and Wales have already imposed similar bans. In England, policy is set by the national government. In our country they sell plastic cutlery and the like Banned since last year. But ours Still not enough Directive approved by the European Union.

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