February 1, 2023

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English press on Prince Harry’s book: ‘The public can only reveal so much’

Britain’s Prince Harry’s memoir has become the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time after it officially went on sale in British bookstores on Tuesday. “As far as we know, the only books that sold more on their first day were those starring the other Harry (Potter),” said the managing director of Penguin Random House. The book’s contents leaked out last week because Spanish bookstores allowed it in too early. Now that the official publication is behind us, the British and American media have formed their opinion as well Memorizes From Prince Harry. And it doesn’t differ much.

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British tabloid newspaper The Independent In an editorial he focuses mainly on the fact that the Prince saw his “mission to change the UK’s media landscape” as his “life’s work”. He writes, “but he didn’t explain exactly what he meant.” The Independent. They describe how Harry and Meghan have already launched several lawsuits against the tabloids, but “go to court as a first resort rather than a last resort – if you hear unfavorable or unfair stories about yourself. It’s an entirely different matter to reform or regulate an entire industry. It is also questionable whether General democratic values, and the free speech rights that underlie them, would have been improved by the intervention of an angry California prince.”

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Alexandra Jacobs Fan New York times He writes about surprising irony in the whole story. “In The Prince’s stark rejection of fame and royalty with all its punishing invasions of his privacy, he is made more famous, if not more regal, by exchanging his proximity to the throne for first place on pillows for Oprah and Anderson Cooper,” she writes. Then she continues: “With Harry and Megan, the hazy Netflix series that precedes this book, he and the Duchess may be overexposed at the moment. (Perhaps this is part of the grand plan, to scare the curious through their boredom).

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Her colleague Sarah Lyall confirms the latter in her review of the book. “Even in the US, which has a soft spot for exiled royals and generally has a greater tolerance than Britain for redemptive tales of overcoming family trauma and dysfunction, there is a sense that the public can only receive so much revelation.” According to her, the fact that American talk shows are now making sketches about passages in the book is not a good sign.

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But this may not be the end yet. Marina Hyde, columnist for Watchman, writes that this may only be the first part of Harry and Meghan’s story. “Will this ever end? It’s hard to say.”

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She also writes that Harry and his ghostwriter have invented a new type of diary for him. In one minute you read about the sad, terrible childhood that the prince had. A little later, the Prince’s penis nearly froze during a trip to the North Pole. But Hyde also asks another important question: “The great unanswered question after this latest wave of revelations is: What does it say about us? What does it say about Britain that this broken and doomed group is our first family?” she asks. “It gave the UK another way last week to look crazy, weird and chaotic on the world stage.”

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