December 6, 2022

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Entrepreneur from Antwerp gets a free office in the heart of New York |  Antwerp

Entrepreneur from Antwerp gets a free office in the heart of New York | Antwerp

AntwerpCEO Michael Valley of Antwerp software company Dockflow will be on an adventure in New York over the next six months. Voka’s “tech @ venture” project gives him the keys to an office in the heart of the Big Apple for six months. free.

Who knows that a small one-bed studio in the New York neighborhood of Manhattan is already costing you three thousand dollars (!) – currently about three thousand euros – per month, you might not want to know what an office in the financial heart of New York costs. Don’t worry about that on Dockflow’s Michelle Valli, because thanks to a Voka Tech @ venture, he doesn’t have to pay a single dollar for it for six months.

Last month, ten young entrepreneurs immersed themselves in the American way of doing business for an entire week. They had the opportunity to introduce themselves to fifty other American investors, experts, and entrepreneurs. For Valee, American Adventure will have a sequel right away.

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Manhattan, New York. © Reuters

“The aim of the initiative is to encourage startups to internationalize,” says Valley. “This is necessary, because many companies here are still stuck in the Benelux market. During the week in New York, we were able to make many contacts. With our offer, we responded very strongly to our company’s vision and prospects. This is important to Americans. They love to buy a future project.”


Dockflow is an Antwerp company that sells software to players in the logistics world to track the movement of their containers, among other things. “Compare it to ‘track and trace’ of a mail package you’re waiting for at home, but on a larger scale.”

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