November 30, 2022

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Eric from the US: "I Support the Companions" |  Flanders Tour 2022

Eric from the US: “I Support the Companions” | Flanders Tour 2022

OdenardeEric Olshall, 58, made his second trip to the Flanders from the United States in four years to enjoy the Flanders tour and ride the course himself.

The American has been training for a few days to complete the 144-kilometer ride on Saturday. “Cycling is still with us in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but it’s not like you enjoy it here. Cycling was actually born here,” the man said.

“The graves are wonderful,” he winks. Hence the stones. “I have the impression that they are everywhere here. Do you know how many there are in the United States? I have an 80 meter long piece around me. To feed a runner, we are constantly driving back and forth on it. I would not be surprised if those stones were imported from you.” The American laughs.

He knew he already had a place in the curriculum.

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