December 8, 2023

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Eric Van Looy is excited, Hermann Prosselmanns is inspired by...

Eric Van Looy is excited, Hermann Prosselmanns is inspired by…

what will the smartest person without doing tasks? On Monday evening, the candidates, including newcomer Sandra Bakari, had to sample the seasonal fruit as often as possible. Quizmaster Erik Van Looy was already excited.

Dennis van Goethe

Last night’s winner:

Just like last Thursday’s results, Gloria Monseries stood out this time. She played hard, especially with photos and videos, and with a total of 515 seconds, she gave the opponent no chance.


There is no third straight win for Jean-Marc Moema. Sandra Bakari held up well in the final, but still had to go home after one pass. Thanks to a Plop dance and four “first ladies”, Mwema has already participated in four.

Tonight’s new arrival:

Politician Joachim Coens, president of CD&V.

Best quotes:

Jury member Magritte Hermanns: “I had a hangover. That wonderful smell. From all that ‘spray’, huh.”

Hermann Brusselmanns: “My grandfather always ‘drank’ at home. Then we got rid of him.”


Proslems: “I will write a novel about the culinary environment. Starring Sandra Baccari, Pascal Naysens, Pete Hocintroit and Jeroen Mewes. One character kills the other with a frozen pizza. But I won’t say who.”

Eric Van Lowe: What is the title of your novel?

Proslems: “Sandra, why did you beat Pascal to death?”


Van Lowe: “Hermann, there’s a sandwich named after you. It’s been eaten?”

Proslems: “Yeah. It was shit for three days.”

The most beautiful moment:

New day, new mission. The candidates had to taste as much of the “seasonal fruit” as possible. Jean-Marc Moema did it with an apple and win. “Impressive and impressive,” said Eric Van Lowe.

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