March 30, 2023

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Eric Van Lowe presents the first three nominees for 'World's Smartest Person': 'If He's Not Careful, He'll Get Out' |  Television

Eric Van Lowe presents the first three nominees for ‘World’s Smartest Person’: ‘If He’s Not Careful, He’ll Get Out’ | Television

TelevisionMonday is the day, then the “world’s smartest person” will kick off. In the first episode, Jeroom, Jonas Geirnaert, and Ella Leyers compete against each other. Eric van Lowe discusses and weighs the candidates.

Jerome It’s been on my heart many times, but on the jury that’s easy. Now he sits there and I can ask questions. Then sometimes he doesn’t know – I already know – and then I can sit on his hood,” says Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Van Looy. “But what would he say? If he is not careful, he will get out, ”van Lowe jokes. Although Jerome, according to the presenter, has one big advantage: “He has been on the jury 66 times, so in principle he should know how the game is going.”

Ella LaersWhat was that during her post? ’ Eric Van Lowe sighs in admiration. “Eighteen entries, this is a record that will probably never disappear on the tables. She came, she won, she kept winning and she also remained very cute,” continues the announcer. “She continued to play well, but she didn’t become the ‘smartest person’ that year. So it seems she has something to set her record straight.” Actually not of course, Because those eighteen posts, are exceptional and will be cherished for life.”

“Jonas Geernert, what a man. You wouldn’t say that, but he is a big and imposing man,” says Eric Van Looy. He is very smart and creative, and he has meant a lot to “the smartest person.” As a candidate and as a member of the jury.” So the presenter is curious On what Gernert had in store as a participant: “He was not able to prepare well, because he had a six-month-old and a two-year-old,” apparently.

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