December 1, 2022

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Erica Melland recalls the smear campaign surrounding her statements about Muslims: 'Happy to discuss' |  showbiz

Erica Melland recalls the smear campaign surrounding her statements about Muslims: ‘Happy to discuss’ | showbiz

showbizErica Mailand (58) stated on Sunday on the Dutch radio program “De Perstribune” that she will not change her resume. Recently, there has been an uproar about some of the statements about Muslims she made in the book. For example, Erica compares women who wear a burqa to a penguin and describes the veil as “unnatural.” Those statements gave the reality star a lot of criticism.

Erica says she faced the media storm that surrounded her person as “interesting”. However, she is not too concerned about everything that is said about her and her statements. “It is my autobiography, you can put it aside. It is my humble opinion, everyone should do with it what they want.”

The reality star thinks the Netherlands is “very divided”. “You can’t say anything here. You have insults and people are quick to step on their toes, I think that is a big difference.” In fact, she says she is satisfied with her statements. “It is good that the discussion has begun, I am happy with that. It is a good thing that we are getting into a discussion with each other.”


Several companies canceled their cooperation with the Meiland TV family after the defamation campaign. Card maker Hallmark, mattress brand Emma, ​​Nivea skincare, Milka and Hello Fresh, no longer need to be associated with Meilandjes. Most companies have stated in their explanations that Erica’s statements are inconsistent with her goals of inclusivity.

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