December 7, 2023

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Koers van ethereum remt af, avalanche blijft flink stijgen

Ethereum Price Slows, Avalanche Continues to Rise Sharply » Crypto Insiders

Not only Bitcoin (BTC) carry Strong position in the last 24 hoursthis also applies to most Altcoins† Most Cryptocurrency Among the top 100 companies it hasn’t risen as quickly as Monday in the past 24 hours, but most prices are still green. Total market capitalization increased 1.5% to $2.09 trillion.

Ethereum’s rise is slowing down a bit

Ethereum (ETH) It could rise sharply on Monday, but the price was not able to fully recover from the last one swipe back† Ether regained control of $3,100 yesterday morning and managed to hold that for the rest of the day. Shortly before midnight, the ether broke out briefly and the price rose to $3,200. There, however, the ether was immediately rejected. However, the price has fallen less deeply and may rise again this morning. Ether is currently priced at $3,140, ​​which means that the rate is 1.5% in the positive category today.

Avalanche leads the way among the largest cryptocurrencies

Among the largest cryptocurrencies today, both are meme icons who have the most difficult. Dogecoin (DOGE) appears to be having some trouble holding onto this $0.15, as it fell 0.7% to $0.149. Shiba inu (SHIB) recovered from the recession this morning, but is still down 1.4% and is now settling at $0.0000309.

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Ripple (XRP) and polkadot (DOT) is slightly green at 0.2%. DOT is struggling at $20 and XRP at $0.84. Solana (SOL) is up 0.5%, falling to $103 this morning. Binance coin (BNB) is swinging around $430 which is 1% in the positive. Cardano (ADA) It fell at $1.11 this morning and is now down to $1.10, but is still 1% higher.

Terra (LUNA) could rise strongly this morning, with 3.2% in the positive. However, at $58, the price still has some problems. It is the avalanche (AVAX) that steals the show for the second day in a row among the largest cryptocurrencies. AVAX is up 7.8%, attached to Terra’s market cap, and is currently floating around at $95. AVAX, along with XRP, is 30% higher than it was two weeks ago.

Top 100 Cryptocurrencies with Down and Up

Most of the cryptocurrencies in the top 100 turning red are slightly negative. However, Ethereum classic (ETC), (CRO), juno (JUNO), radix (RDX), elrond (EGLD), and celo (CELO) are all losing more than 2% of their value. Zcash (ZEC) up to 4.4% at minimum and leo token (LEO) at least 7.7%.

In addition, a very large group turns green again. Theta Network (Theta), Engine Coin (ENJ), Convex Funding (CVX), Manufacturer (MKR), Chart (GRT) and Frax Share (FXS) are up more than 4%. gorandes (ALGO), klaytn (KLAY) more than 5% and waves (waves) more than 6%. Theta fuel (TFUEL), degree lattice (CEL) and axie infinity (AXS) are approaching 8% and decentralization (MANA) is up more than 8%. The strongest bullish in the market today among the top 100 is new (new)† NEO price started to rise sharply last night, not less than 12% in the wave, and is currently standing at $24.85.