December 4, 2022

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EU Foreign Affairs Coordinator Josep Borrell: "War is at a turning point" |  abroad

EU Foreign Affairs Coordinator Josep Borrell: “War is at a turning point” | abroad

Russia’s war on Ukraine has reached a turning point, believes Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign affairs coordinator. He sees the Ukrainian counterattack and achieves “extraordinary success”. He stresses that this is why it is so important to continue to supply the country with arms, as well as the European Union.

EU countries are increasingly sending Ukraine heavy weapons and munitions as the Russian invasion turns into a “war of attrition” mainly in the east of the country. Borrell believes that “this support makes a difference on the battlefield. And I must say that this support is crucial because the war is at a turning point.” If the reports are correct that the Russian army lost 15 percent of its forces, this is a “world record for an army invading a country.”

After consulting with their defense ministers, Borrell said that the Ukrainian military could continue to rely on constant supplies from EU countries. Member states have sufficient stocks to continue supplying at this rate. No problem.”

Two billion for military support

The EU fund for military assistance to Ukraine has quadrupled and now stands at €2 billion. But member states are doing a lot on their own. Much more than people think.”

If the EU fund runs out, more money will also be arranged in this way, according to Borrell. “All we need is for the EU countries to agree and increase the amount.”

After a meeting with her colleagues and Borrell in Brussels, she said Defense Minister Oluggern “can imagine expanding this fund if the war continues for a longer period.” “But for now there is still enough in it.”

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