July 24, 2024

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European Athletics Championships: Nafie Thiam and Nour Vedets finish the first day of the heptathlon in first and second place

European Athletics Championships: Nafie Thiam and Nour Vedets finish the first day of the heptathlon in first and second place

Navy Thiam and Norway’s Vedts are on course for a gold and silver medal in the heptathlon at the European Athletics Championships in Rome. After the first day they were ranked first and second respectively in the standings. Norwegian Vedets even improved two personal records, in the 100-meter hurdles and the shot put. In addition, an important competitor with world champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson has withdrawn.

Thiam seizes power after disappointing opening match

A big shock in the opening match for Navy Thiam in this European Championship. The defender finished just seventh in her 100m hurdles series with a time of 13’74, well above her personal best (13’21). Thiam was only 16th in the standings after the first part.

But during the high jump, the two-time Olympic champion put the finishing touches on it. It remained clear up to 1.95 meters and thus captured power convincingly.

Nour Vedets was on time right away. With 13.16, she set a personal record in the 100m hurdles and immediately placed second in the standings in the high jump, and Vedets continued the good trend with 1.80m and came close to her PR (1.84m). Her second place.

On the way to gold and silver

Thiam and Vedets also continued to perform at a high level in the shot put. Vedts set her second personal record of the day with a distance of 14.79 metres, and Thiam threw the ball 15.06 metres. Only Oriana Lazraq-Khalas performed better with a distance of 15.27 metres.

The French lady’s strong personal record puts her in the rankings
He advanced to third place. However, the Belgian tandem remained out of harm’s way.

The 200m, the final event of the first day, also did not change the hierarchy. Vidts also underlined her high level with a series win in the 200 meters with a time of 23:85, a season’s best. Thiam finished third in the same series with a time of 24:81.

The European Championships were a failure for Katarina Johnson-Thompson. The British world champion was unable to convince in the first three parts and did not compete in the 200 meters race due to a leg injury. A less dangerous rival for the Belgians.

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Thiam and Vidts will start the final three parts tomorrow with numbers one and two. Thiam has 35 points more than Vedets, followed by Lazraq Khalas with 40 points. Without incident, gold and silver were within reach of the Belgian athletes.

Vedets: “I feel free, I am myself again”

Nafie Thiam preferred not to give any interviews after the first day, but Nour Vedets came in front of our microphone. Twice PR and twice close to PR, she can’t help but be satisfied with that.

“Finally, another record, which was a long time ago. I’m very happy with it. Probably the most impressive thing was my shot, which was much further than what I actually set. But I was also very satisfied with the hurdles.”

Vedets does not have to think long to explain her higher form. “We have been able to train well all year. I also feel free now. Last year the injury was very annoying, and now I am back to normal again.”

Vidts is in training for a medal, but he is shying away from the pressure. “Tomorrow is another day. I hope I sleep well now and we’ll see what happens.”

Nafi Thiam in Al-Sabai
the hour discipline a result points
Day 1
9:40 am 100m hurdles 13″74 1,015 points
11:35 am High jump 1.95 metres 1,171 points
6:40 pm Fire mode 15.06 metres 856 points
9:45 pm 200 m 24″81 904 points
Day 2
12:10 pm Long jump
6.05pm/7.20pm javelin
9:47 pm 800 metres
Total: 3,955 points

European Championships 2024: Heptathlon

see you tomorrow!

Navy Thiam and Noor Vedets are on track for gold and silver after day one. Thiam leads by 35 points over her compatriot, followed by Lazraq Khalas with 40 points.

Three more parts await tomorrow. At the end of the morning session, long jump is on the menu. In the evening there is the javelin throw and the 800 meter final. Again, you don’t have to miss anything here.

Finally a personal record, and I’m very happy about it. I did much better, especially in the shot put, but I was also very happy with the steeplechase. Now sleep tight and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Nour Videts

Vedets: “Finally another record, it was a long time ago”

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Thiam and Vedets after one and two on the first day

Vedets wins the second group in the 200 meters, and Thiam takes third place

According to the BBC, Johnson Thompson suffered a leg injury. Hopefully the world champion will regain his fitness in time for the Olympic Games in Paris.

Johnson Thompson mission

Katarina Johnson-Thompson did not participate in the third and final heat of the 200 metres. The world champion didn’t make a good impression today so he’s calling it a day. Vidts’ chances of getting a medal will increase.

Victory in the third series goes to German Weissenberg with a time of 23:53 for Zarq-Khalas, once again highlighting her best day, with the Frenchwoman coming in second with a time of 23:56, a personal record.

Result of the second series 200 meters

Gerevini wins the first heat

Sveva Gervini races to victory in the first series with street lead. The Italian finished the race in a time of 23.82 seconds, a personal record.

Closing song for the first day

It’s time for the 200m, the closing event of the first day in the heptathlon. Navi Thiam and Nour Vedets will begin work immediately on series two.

Thiam and Vidts play at 9:53 p.m

Thiam and Vedets can now rest while waiting for the 200m, the final part of the first day in the heptathlon. Both will be in the second game of a three-series at 9:53 p.m. Thiam will run in lane 3, and Vedets in lane 7.

Order after 3 parts:

Thiam and Vedets remain in first and second place

Thiam maintained his lead after the end of the third part of the heptathlon with 3,051 points. Vedets remains in second place and now trails Thiam by 126 points. Thanks to her victory in the shot put, Lazraq-Khalas rose to third place in the standings.

Knockout result:

High scores for Thiam and Vedets in throwing the ball

The entire process of shooting the ball is now complete. Frenchwoman Oriana Lazraq-Khalas recorded the best performance with a distance of 15.27 metres. The second best throw was from Thiam with a distance of 15.06 metres, and Vedets was third in the shot with a personal best of 14.79 metres.

No improvement in Johnson Thompson

Katarina Johnson-Thompson’s third attempt with a distance of 12.14 meters also failed. The Brits seem to be struggling a bit.