February 9, 2023

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European Commission working on mandatory peak energy savings |  News

European Commission working on mandatory peak energy savings | News

The European Commission is working to introduce mandatory electricity at times when a lot of electricity is used. And sources in the European Union say that this is one of the plans through which the commission wants to address the energy crisis.

European Union countries have asked the commission to quickly come up with proposals to help citizens and businesses who can no longer pay their energy bills. The commission wants to reveal the plans on Wednesday. Member states have yet to agree to them, and are likely to oppose mandatory savings targets.

The committee wants to set a general savings goal and a separate peak-time target. The latter can apply, for example, in the evening, when many people come home, start cooking, turn on the washing machine and TV.

EU countries have also asked the commission, among other things, to levy a tax on energy producers who benefit excessively from higher gas prices. Both renewables, coal and nuclear power producers will have to contribute to compensate households and businesses.

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