December 7, 2022

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European Commissioner Didier Reynders hides in the basement of a hotel after the explosions in Kyiv: 'It's unbelievable how calm people are'

European Commissioner Didier Reynders hides in the basement of a hotel after the explosions in Kyiv: ‘It’s unbelievable how calm people are’

Didier Reynders in the underground car park of the Intercontinental Hotel in Kyiv.

European Commissioner Didier Reynders was preparing for breakfast when he first heard the siren and then the second explosion. “I appreciate 300 meters from the hotel I am staying in. It is especially amazing how people remain calm. There was no panic,” he replied from the underground parking garage where he was housed with all the hotel guests.

Jan Claes

Reynders have been in the Ukrainian capital since Sunday. He had, among other things, a meeting with the Prosecutor and several NGOs. His program was canceled on Tuesday due to the Kyiv attacks.

The former foreign minister and current European commissioner replies: “We heard nothing about the first explosions in the hotel, but we were woken by the air raid sirens around six in the morning.” “We heard the second explosion, and we were immediately moved to the parking garage on the third floor. I estimate there were about a hundred people here: the staff and hotel guests.” The second explosion was heard very clearly. “The hotel is actually located in the center of Kyiv, between the two churches. The attack probably happened no more than 300 meters from where we are staying.”

There was no panic at any point. “Maybe because of the staff and other hotel guests. It was unbelievable how calmly everyone reacted. People just understood it. They experienced this quite often between February and June. But no further incidents occurred in Kyiv in the past three months. “He himself was not afraid. “But she faced. As a foreign minister, I’ve often been to conflict zones, but you don’t often encounter them that close.”

Renders contact our country immediately. There was contact with the government, yes. But most of all, I wanted to hear my wife reassure her. I knew my presence here would be in the news. This is what I wanted to be for. There is no need to panic. Security services are nearby.”

The European Commissioner is scheduled to leave Kyiv by train on Tuesday evening. “We are now looking for the safest way out of here.” During the afternoon, Rangers and teammates are allowed to leave the bunker and will be accommodated in a secure part of the hotel. “In the meantime, life here resumes. I am told that there are already people on the streets again.”

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