December 1, 2022

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Eurovision, Jeremy MacKizzi's participation in danger?  'I gave a lot' |  a musician

Eurovision, Jeremy MacKizzi’s participation in danger? ‘I gave a lot’ | a musician

a musicianJérémie Makiese (21), a Belgian Eurovision Song Contestant, explained on the De Cooke & Verhulst Show his voice problems. “My voice coach tells me to rest.”

Last week, McKeese told Qmusic that he has a vocal cord infection. No other explanation was offered at the time, with Vincent Baer, ​​head of our delegation at Eurovision, saying: “Jeremy has a sore throat and, as a precaution, is saving his voice to be at its best in Turin.” Makiese will sing “Miss You” during the second semi-finals of the song contest, on Thursday, May 12, in less than two weeks.

On “De Cooke & Verhulst Show,” McKeese gave an update on his health Thursday night. “I’ve done a lot in recent weeks,” he explained. “That’s why I have to take a little break from my voice coach. That’s what I’m trying to do right now, even though it might not be smart to be on a talk show. (laughs) As a precaution, I’m not going to sing my song live tonight.”

According to voice coach Ibernice MacBean (51), known for the songs The Masked Singer and The Voice of Flanders, we should not immediately worry about his participation in Eurovision. “It’s important that he sleeps well, drinks plenty of water, eats healthfully, and keeps his voice as good as possible,” she says. “Plus, he should continue to work on his condition – the muscles in your body determine how you sing – and be guided by an ENT specialist. Perhaps he will be fine again in time. If the infection increases, there is one last solution: a course of prednisone. to temporarily reduce swelling in the vocal cords. Provided that the infection does not get worse, I don’t see his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest being jeopardized.”

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Jeremy Mackenzie. © SBS

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