July 21, 2024

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Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final without Jost Klein – Songfestival.be

Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final without Jost Klein – Songfestival.be

The grand final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast tonight from 9pm. The venue of the match is the Malmo Arena in the Swedish city of Malmo, where the match was also held in 2013.

25 countries are participating, but Belgium and the Netherlands are not among them. The Netherlands has been disqualified by the European Broadcasting Union after an incident with a Swedish TV worker. You can read more in the article below:

Jost Klein excluded from Eurovision Song Contest 2024, AVROTROS: ‘disproportionate’

The entire field of participants is in starting order They can be found below:

49% jury vote, 51% TV

A professional jury of five members for each country Determine approximately half of the final result. Their points are announced separately by the point givers. The Belgian jury’s scores were read by Livia Duchkov, and the Dutch scores by former Eurovision Song Contest presenter Niki de Jager.

Television broadcast in all 37 participating countries and international voting Rest of the world Determine the overall result. The presenters announce these points at the end of the presentation. Both Belgium and the Netherlands must participate in the voting in the final.

Learn more about how voting works For this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, you can see the article below:

This is how voting is done in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024

Two broadcasters

The three live shows this year are presented by him Petra MedThis role was also played in 2013 and 2016 by actress Malin Akerman. In the article below you can find Hosts Get to know them better in the 2024 edition.

Who are Petra Medi and Malin Akerman, presenters of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Appearing as a guest star

In the end, we didn’t get to see the ABBA reunion, but we do Alcazar. This Swedish pop group is reuniting specifically to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. The (current) trio has had several European successes and has participated in the Swedish preliminary selections several times.

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We’ve got a touch of ABBA C3: Carola, Conchita Wurst and again Charlotte Pirelli. They will pay the Swedish hit machine a proper tribute.

Songfestival.be helps

Songfestival.be will help you make the most of the final. In addition to all the above information and links you will get Preview tonight at 7:30 p.m On show live on us Instagram is a placeto With a special guest Gustav, our nominee from last year. We will go direct from Malmö at 8pm Facebook account.

We also give you the opportunity to do so Award points for all entries yourself and/or with friends or family Tonight with our score sheet.

Would you like to give points yourself? Download the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 final score sheet here

Finally, you will find an overview Frequently asked questions about the Eurovision Song ContestThe clear answers to them are in our useful guide:

Your helpful guide: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Eurovision Song Contest