October 1, 2022

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Evenepoel's ass that is near perfect

Evenepoel’s ass that is near perfect

Peter Win

I sometimes heard the great athletic director Peter Post say of the jockey: “He’s got a donkey.” And by that he didn’t mean that the knight in question would have a fat butt. On the contrary, this knight was the perfect donkey, the donkey that holds power. In short, the ass should scare him.

When I see Remco Evenepoel riding bikes, I remember the words of the old sports director. Remco Evenepoel has a cyclist’s ass that is near perfect. The power that makes the pedals rotate comes from the rear, rather than the structure of the hips. It is a pleasure to watch. How is this butt positioned at the correct distance behind the bottom bracket. How to grind feet with a simple force.

It is also a pleasure to watch Remco Evenepoel’s donkey when its legs are silent. This also happens. Technically you don’t see any difference.

There is another old saying that says: “Born with the bike between the legs.” This also applies to Remco Evenepoel. It is good that he left the sport of football as it was, although at first he thought he was born with the ball at his feet – which may also be true. Good footballers, the world is overflowing with them.

Well, Remco Evenepoel gave Belgium its first Grand Tour win since 1978, although the Vuelta is the least known of the three Grand Tours. No wonder the country is upside down. A self-respecting cycling nation cannot sustain such a long breath. And certainly not the cycling nation that once gave birth to Merckx: Merckx, the killer and exciting reference point for cycling history.

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I know all about Remco Evenepoel. Explanation of the great achievement in Flemish journalism gave me hours of reading pleasure. Remko was examined as if under X-rays. Who did not speak. Three soccer coaches (Evenepoel played in the PSV youth, among others), a whole series of bike coaches, neighbor, close neighbors friends, parents, team manager, team captain, teammates, and data-loving exercise physiologists, Cousin, according to To his cousin, he is always Remco’s most intimate friend, Evenball himself, his dazzling girlfriend Umi who brought him deodorant and toothpaste on the eve of the last mountain test in the Vuelta, what pressure he had – yes, there was pressure despite the space in the rating – something managed of calming.

I don’t think Facebook, Google, and all the other tech companies know as much about Remco as I do now.

Remco Evenepoel looks like a good boy, he’s actually still snotty, and his physical talent suffers, his ass says. His destiny is to make Belgians happier. How long has a Belgian won the Tour?