July 21, 2024

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Everyone is fascinated by Mango’s collaboration with the perfect summer items

Everyone is fascinated by Mango’s collaboration with the perfect summer items

TikTok is everywhere with Mango’s latest trick. After all, she seems to draw a lot of inspiration from beloved Jamagua characters.

No one showed up Island wear And that to the fashion scene like the Spanish Gimaguas, which I love amazing girls Like Lily-Rose Depp, Emily Ratajkowski and co. We don’t blame Mango for wanting to indulge in Formentera’s signature style this summer with a new drop — or stupidJust like it looks on TikTok – full of Gimaguas. Social media often predicts emerging trends, which chain you can buy those expensive sunglasses for next to nothing, which fashion hacks are useful, and which popular items will sell out in a heartbeat. This is also the case now, when they recommended the new collaboration collection for the Mango series with Siedrés. Although all three brands have one legacy On Mediterranean soil, this collaboration looks very special encrypted He is. Whether they’re duplicates or not, we can’t hide the fact that we’re secretly a fan of these sun-inspired dresses, tops, and skirts.

Gimaguas’ DNA is known for an airy, yet very exciting, southern style that combines the elegance of Formentera with a heavy dose of rock ‘n’ roll. Their love of crochet, soft fabrics, coward Powerful prints and accessories are now also seen in Mango’s current summer collection. The brand offers playful, fitted silhouettes, stunning floral prints, colorful crochet oversized handbags and – how could it be otherwise – a solid collection of summer gems. Is your budget not big enough this summer to buy the same Gimaguas pieces? Then rush to the beautiful collection inspired by the Spanish series.

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