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Everyone is looking forward to Obi Ular’s comeback: ‘The Return of the King’ |  Football 24

Everyone is looking forward to Obi Ular’s comeback: ‘The Return of the King’ | Football 24

Wednesday 20 October 2021 – 21:00

Here it is again. After completely disappearing from the picture for four months, Obi O’Lari has now appeared in Barnsley. Far away is the nightmare he had at Standard.

He’s now 25 and that’s the age when you can easily get the Eternal Promise stamp. The big question is whether the tall striker in England will be able to change that in the long run.

When Olar signed for the second-tier side last summer, it was a solution that ended the predicament he found himself in at Standard. Because he’s been there in Liege B for several months.

The thing that gave him huge physical damage was only now eliminated. The reward was a bench seat in Wednesday night’s game against Middlesbrough. In the meantime, it’s been 10 months since he once again made his official gameplay minutes.


From December 20, 2020 to be exact. Then the striker started at Standard Mouscron, where he had to be substituted after … 13 minutes. Just to say there is a lot looking forward to his return.

In the end, O’Leary came into Middlesbrough fifteen minutes before the end with a 1-0 lead. However, he could no longer avoid defeat, rather it was a 2-0 defeat to Barsenley in the final stage.

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