July 22, 2024

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Everything for Art: An Antwerp artist pulls a heavy photo for 8 hours a day for two months |  Popring

Everything for Art: An Antwerp artist pulls a heavy photo for 8 hours a day for two months | Popring

WatteauKunstenfestival Watou’s most dedicated artist? This is undoubtedly Mike Bob from Antwerp. Throughout the festival and until the beginning of September, from Wednesday to Sunday, he pulls a statue weighing 68 kg for 8 hours a day. His artistic composition is an ode to the hard work of farmers in the region.

Like a farm horse, it runs the same round in the field each time. Day after day, he is carving the contours of the infinity symbol deeper and deeper into the earth. The heavy statue is a replica of Michelangelo’s “Dying Slave”. The artwork is aptly named “And The Farmer Who Plowed On It”. During the festival, Poppe will stay on a rundown farm next to his performance space.

“I want to surprise visitors with my performance,” Bob says. “People expect the show to be static, and my makeup is nothing but. It really cost me a lot of effort and energy, but this way I want to make ‘performance’ a complete element of the show. Will I make it to the end? I don’t know yet. The first two days weren’t bad physically But anyway, I think my performance worked, and that wouldn’t change if I had to give up halfway.”

“This is the countryside, where the fields are traditionally plowed, digged, planted, and harvested,” Bob says. “Through my performance, I create a direct and physical relationship with the people of the village and let my work, as it is, merge with the place in which it is presented. The longer my performance lasts, the more it will settle in the lap of the community, until it leaves its mark on the local color irrevocably in it “.

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This artistic installation is a good example of how Konstantinvestval Watteau This year brings art “designed to suit Watteau”. The artists stayed in Watteau a few days last summer, so that they could adapt their installations to suit the village and its inhabitants. The festival started this weekend.

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