March 23, 2023

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Everything we know about the phone since this week

Everything we know about the phone since this week

If on a weekly basis somewhere So many rumors They can be found, they are Apple. From leaked photos to new information about the iPhone 14, they are plentiful.

We regularly pick up rumors at One More Thing to give you an idea of ​​what’s going on behind the scenes. in grain of salt We tell you these rumors every week. These were the rumors of week 31 2022.

How much does the new iPhone 14 cost?

It was finally this week: the price of the iPhone 14 appeared. Not officially, of course, but in the arcades. It took a while for someone to talk about it, but Yeux1122 changed that.

On the well-known Korean Naver blog, the informant reported that the price of the device is not much different from last year. In fact, it is still the same.

Curious who’s bringing the news and what exactly is going on? Read about the leaked price here.

iPhone 14 Pro Max
Prototype (Photo: Unbox Therapy)

Mac mini and M2 MacBook Pro later this year

Not only will we see the new iPhone 14, but also the new Mac mini and M2 MacBook Pro this year. At least, that’s if Bloomberg journalist Mark Gorman is to be believed. The reliable journalist spoke to the sources, and thus knows what Apple’s plans are in this area.

Wesley tells you all about the news in the article below:

The new Mac mini and M2 MacBook Pro will see the light of day this year

Always available for iPhone after all

It now appears that the always-on display, which has been discussed several times, will actually come to the iPhone 14. This is not just a rumor that someone is helping, but it can actually be found in Xcode. Xcode 14 beta 4 shows an example of how this functionality works.

iPhone 14 Pro that always works with Apple Watch

As you can see above, the smartphone screen remains on, but the parts are grayed out. For more information, read the full features article here.

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iPadOS 16 is taking longer

iPadOS 16, the new operating system for the iPad, is taking longer. At WWDC 2022, we were first introduced to the program, which reportedly won’t be available until October. according to Bloomberg This is mainly due to problems within the function theater manager.

Do you want to know more about problems and postpone the update? Make sure to read the article below!

Why iPadOS 16 may be delayed

iPhone 14 is still more powerful than expected

It should be clear: The iPhone 14 and 14 Max won’t get the latest chip this year. However, both smartphones are more powerful than the two current iPhone 13 models. At least that’s what SchrimpApplePro said this week.

According to the source, the new modem and the design inside the iPhone provide improvements. How exactly does this work? You can read it in this article.

iPhone 14 Pro render
Embodies the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro (Photo: Ian Zelbo)

New design for the standard iPad

Just before the weekend, news broke that the entry-level iPad might get a new design. MySmartPrice managed to get their hands on CAD rendering.

The new design of the iPad appears to be more in line with the current Pro, Air and mini models. Curious about what it looks like? Then read the article below!

Did the entry-level iPad finally get the new design it deserves?

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A grain of salt: iPhone 14 price, new iPad design, and more!