November 29, 2022

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Ex-pro cyclist Zico Wittens ready for first boxing camp: 'Drivers are used to pain' |  boxing

Ex-pro cyclist Zico Wittens ready for first boxing camp: ‘Drivers are used to pain’ | boxing

After a two-year delay, it’s time: Zico Wittens will enter the ring tomorrow for the first boxing camp of his career. “He came to the camp like a real professional goalkeeper. It will be a very exciting match,” says his coach Philip Tampere.

72.6 kg dry on the hook.

Zico Waeytens admired his muscular body in weight the day before his first boxing camp.

3 years ago, Waeytens could still admire the Tour of Flanders and other Flemish classics. In Sunweb it was even Guardian Angel of John Degenkolb for a while.

Now the former cyclist wants to make the most of the boxing ring. Under the wings of Filiep Tampere, coach of Delfine Persoon, Waeytens warmed up for his first time as a boxer.

“Zico was constantly watching his food, he did long endurance training and was in the gym every day,” Tampere says.

“Zico came to this camp as a true professional boxer. He’s ready.”

Zico Waeytens was still driving for Cofidis in 2019.

Witness will fight against a former football player: “It will be a solid camp”

The Waeytens will face Elias Mollier tomorrow in his hometown of Ledegem. “It was very difficult to find an opponent for Zico,” Tampere said. “Many potential opponents have lost their way because of Ramadan.”

“Suddenly the Koksijde Boxing Club called:” Are you looking for a discount for your driver? ‘, they asked, ‘We have someone here who also has great motivation. “And that was Maxime Simmons.”

“Simons came from football, where he played at a fairly high level. They both want to win, so it will be an exciting match.”

Tampere is very curious about the camp. “This is their first bout for both boxers. The first time you get into the ring, you almost forget everything you’ve learned.”

“The battle lasts only 3 rounds and goes very fast. You don’t have time to think. It will be a tough match.”

Zico’s pain threshold is too high.

Tampere was influenced by the Waeytens’ transformation from cyclist to boxer.

“Drivers are used to the pain. Just look at Lambert, who had a bad fall in Paris-Roubaix, jumped back on his bike and crossed the line as if nothing had happened.”

“I also see with Zico that he can handle a lot of pain. His pain threshold may be higher than that of the former footballer (his opponent Simmons).”

Zico can handle more pain than the ex-footballer

Coach Philip Tampere

In Ledegem, Waeytens will perform a baptism of fire in front of a full house (900 spectators). “The interest is huge,” Tampere says.

“The café was also crowded during the weigh-in. The whole municipality of Ledegem sympathizes with Zico. That’s great.”

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