June 9, 2023

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Exclusive. Charles de Cutlery: “My period since the third title at the club? Disappointing” | Red Devils

Due to the international break in the Red Devils, Charles de Cutlery (22) has been away from Milan for a while, as he is going through a difficult season. In an exclusive conversation with HLN and VTM, ‘CDK’ talks about the difficult period he’s been going through. He does not doubt himself, but … “Whether he weighs zero? Of course. I’m not going to lie about that.” The midfielder also spoke about the support of his teammates, the mood in the (Italian) media and his role in the European Championship qualifying campaign. “If I become an important player for Milan, I will also become an important player as an international player.”

look. De Ketelaere: “My period since last title at the club? Disappointing”

De Ketelaere must have thought for a moment when asked to describe the time he’s had since that third title at Club Brugge – mid-May – to date. “Disappointing. Or negative. Not what I expected. After a good season and that move (to Milan, ed.) – which I still support – I would have liked to be more important. Why? No one reason. New environment, higher level .just adjusting to so many things.”

The midfielder was well received by the San Siro media. With the help of his first point on base. “But that match wasn’t much better than the matches that were described as so bad. I see my performance through my neutral glasses. It’s not how other people judge my matches.”

look. “I don’t go to cry training every day.”

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look. “My stats at home are not an issue”

look. “If I become important at Milan, I can also become an important player for the Devils”

Watch the full interview that our Head of Football Nils Boissonnier had with Charles de Kettlerey below:

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