July 22, 2024

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Expanding the family and their dream home: that’s how things work for the Telkamp family

Expanding the family and their dream home: that’s how things work for the Telkamp family

The new season of “For the Same Money” begins with the special story of the Telkamp family. Bianca, Erwin, their son Jörg, and their daughter-in-law Astri were looking for a big house for all of them with a little privacy. Or as Bianca calls it: “two living areas under one roof.” They were allowed to live in the old rectory, which turned out to be their dream home. They make an offer and it is accepted! But how are the Brabants doing now, months later? We spoke to Bianca about their adventure.

Participating “for the same money” was, according to Bianca, a “spontaneous act.” “We had been looking for a house for a while and had viewed it twice. But then the call for the show came. We thought it was a beautiful idea. We were sold, but we never expected to be chosen. When we heard we were going to be cast, we were immediately excited to see what the agents would come up with. Real estate.”

“The parsonage was the perfect choice for the four of us.”

“I didn’t buy it myself”

After viewing four homes, one home really stood out to them. Parsonage at Lisle. “The minute I took the blindfold off I knew immediately. ‘This is our dream house.’ The feeling immediately was so good, I was instantly sold.” In addition to joy, confusion also arose among family members. They have already hit home a few times on Funda. “Astra has shown us the house twice already, but it looked too big and too old. There was still a lot of work to be done, and we didn’t feel like it.”

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Would the family also have bought the house if they had not participated? “Absolutely not. But if you want to buy a house, you should really experience it and not rely on the pictures. It is indeed an old house, but the beautiful feeling that we all felt cannot compete with that.” When the family was allowed to live on a trial basis, they were 100% sure. “We immediately felt at home. It was the perfect match for all of us.”

Beautiful plot

Last January, the Telkamp family moved into their beautiful new home. Or rather a huge shed, because the area of ​​the old house is 2,300 square meters. “It’s very nice to have so much space of our own. The only thing we share now is the garden, the (unwanted) attic and the utility room, which has become our laundry room. We also have two living areas with their own bathroom and the kitchen, which Erwin and I have as well “One bedroom and Jorg and Astri have two bedrooms, that way everyone can do what they want.”

Jorg and Astri’s second bedroom is also much needed. A new family member has arrived! “Astra is now fourteen weeks pregnant, which is very nice! So, Erwin and I will also be helping out a lot in the near future. And since I don’t have a job at the moment, I can always be there when necessary.”

The Telkamp family is busy working on the thatched roof

Everything is at ease

Until then, a lot still needs to be done for the house, but the Tillekamp family is certainly not sitting idly by. For example, a fair number of trees in the garden have already been cut down, the thatched roof has been renewed and the house has been fitted with new window frames. “But we agreed to do everything in our free time. Erwin and Jörg are also doing the renovation themselves. They are now working on Jörg and Astri’s bathroom and our kitchen. Then comes the rest: we do it room by room.”

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This means that the family will still have to share the kitchen and bathroom until the renovation is complete. But Bianca finds it interesting. “We eat together every day, and it’s more convenient. Astri now often watches how I cook, so soon she can do it herself in her kitchen. George also recently joked that if Astri doesn’t like it, that’s it. You can always eat with us “Haha.”

And does Bianca still often clean up the messes her son makes? “Less and less,” Bianca laughs. “But now that we have a shared bathroom and kitchen, it still happens. I still often say, ‘Clean it up, man!’ But that will be okay once everything is separated.”

Erwin and Jörg are busy working on the final result of the thatched roof
Erwin and Jörg are busy working on the final result of the thatched roof

Crazy animal chaos

Although the house is not yet complete, the family is having a good time at the parsonage. “Irwin said recently that he often has to pinch himself on the drive home. Because it’s so weird to have all this stuff ours.” The family has big plans for their plot of land. “Next spring we’d like to have more animals in the garden. I want a goat, some chickens and maybe a turkey. Astri really wants Flemish giants, so it will be very nice next year.”

Perhaps best of all, the trail pass — which used to be a big deal — is also a fact. “It took a while, but two months ago we were finally told that we would get the permit. That’s why we have no intention of leaving here at all. The fact that we live together makes me happy, also because of the illness.” “It’s a reassuring feeling, and I don’t think there are many families who can live well.”

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