February 1, 2023

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‘Expedition Couriers in America’: Sammy shoots an English camel

Koorisen allowed them to enjoy their family vacation again on ‘Koori’s Expedition in America’. In a preview, Potter’s family, Sam, proves he’s still struggling with the local language. Hilarious!

You can see last week in the first episode of the second season how the Kouris family landed in America and started their tour on the West Coast. Sami from Belgium practiced his English specifically for this road tripBut a hilarious preview proves that practice is even harder than theory.


When they pass a hotel during their evening walk with a neon ‘No Vacancy’ sign indicating no rooms, Sam thinks it means ‘No Vacancy’. The rest of the family are of course double-crossed with this opinion, and he may laugh with glee at his mistake. “I do my best,” he says.

He thinks the leave is already over and laughs Shania. Kelly doesn’t want to forget the mistake anytime soon, and prefers to rub it under his nose for a long time. ‘In everything you do in the coming days, I’m going to say: “Ela, there’s no vacancy for you, hey mate”.’

Watch ‘Expedition Curries in America’ every Tuesday at 9:30 PM on VTM 2.

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