December 6, 2022

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Experts warn: Johnny Depp's jokes in court may work against him |  Famous

Experts warn: Johnny Depp’s jokes in court may work against him | Famous

FamousJohnny Depp pulled the audience completely over to his side after his testimony in Fairfax, Virginia court. There he is suing his ex-wife, Amber Heard, for defamation. From the witness stand, he made some jokes about Heard’s lawyer, which immediately spread on the Internet. But according to expert Lee Beric, these hilarious remarks could be out of his favour.

“Really? Wouldn’t you object?” It’s just one of the jokes Johnny made to Heard’s attorney. They are currently doing tours on the internet, where Deb is also praised for his light-hearted demeanor. “He’s holding on to strength,” it sounds like there is.

But then Lee Beric, a Hollywood attorney and no stranger to such lawsuits, sees it favorably. Depp appears before the jury. It is very important in such cases that the jury finds him nice and credible.” “On the Internet, all these jokes are cut really well and people have a chance to talk about it among themselves, which makes Johnny come out in a good way. But such behavior may seem inappropriate to the jury, which is surrounded only by a calm and earnest court. Or worse, they may not like him as a result. And yes, that could have had a huge impact on the outcome of his trial. After all, it’s the jury that decides whether or not to win the case against Amber.”

Familiarity is an advantage

“This is Fairfax, not Hollywood,” he explains. “They’ve never had to deal with celebrities out there. The jury will also consist mainly of people who have the least possible interest in these kinds of things. And now say, if an ordinary man sues his wife for a few million, you wouldn’t want to see him laugh on the witness stand. That It doesn’t sound serious. As a lawyer, you want every word that comes out of your client’s mouth to be credible. The fact that Johnny sometimes acts like it’s just a game, while Amber cries when she testifies, doesn’t necessarily work in his best interest.”

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However, his fame could come in handy, according to Beric. “Let’s face it, he’s not just a regular guy, he’s Johnny Depp. Because of that, he can get away with more than anyone else. But whatever goes…when the push comes through, I don’t think there will be any real winners from the process.” Both Johnny and Amber have suffered serious damage to their reputations, and these are things that will haunt them for the rest of their lives – and their careers.”

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