December 4, 2022

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Explore the Aldi Outlet: "Excess inventory can be sold cheap" (Olen)

Explore the Aldi Outlet: “Excess inventory can be sold cheap” (Olen)

Femke and VIcky are constantly refurbishing the shelves. © Mark Peters


It was really busy on a Saturday morning at the old Aldi in the Bulestraat in Olen. Before the store finally closed its doors, the supermarket chain opened a pop-up there. Until Saturday, October 8, visitors can receive non-food offerings in favorable conditions. The offer is very variable. Garden lovers in particular will get the money they deserve.

Mark Peters

About 150 meters from the old store, Aldi opened a brand new point of sale at the end of last month, with an area twice as large. From Saturday 1 October we welcome customers back to the old store, albeit only for the non-food offerings in the outlet formula.

“The first Aldi outlet opened in April of this year in Liege,” says Director of Communications Tine De Keersmaker. “In the meantime, the counter stands at fourteen. Olin is the second location in the province of Antwerp after Deurne.”

The purpose of retail stores is always the same: to offer customers merchandise at discounted prices. “During the pandemic, we have faced various challenges,” De Keersmaker explains. “There was a temporary ban on the sale of non-food items simply because non-food stores were not allowed to open at that time. During that time, there were also logistical difficulties throughout the chain. However, we have always been able to offer temporary and enjoyable offers to our customers. Each This has led to the fact that we currently have excess inventory here and there and can now be sold off.”


The difference with Aldi’s classic sales formula is that the articles are now not in the overview folder. No doubt regular customers will recognize the items that have been sitting on their trusted shelves. Shopping in Aldi-oulet is basically a journey of discovery, and that can be fun too. With a discount you already have a street broom with scraper in Olen for 3 euros or a Peanut Butter Bird kit for 2 euros. But you can of course buy more expensive items such as garden furniture or appliances.

Gus searches in vain for a baking tray. © Mark Peters

“I was looking for La Plancha, like a griddle for baking meat during a warm dinner at the table,” says Jos of Herentals. “Unfortunately I didn’t find it. There was a table baking system for pies, but that’s not the same. In general, I’ve noticed that discounts are offered, but I don’t think they’re really great. Maybe this will change by the end of the week. Personally I tend not to buy something that doesn’t I really need it, even if it looks good and the price is interesting.”

For 40 euros you have a machine for baking pancakes. © Mark Peters

Store manager Femke and employee Vicky are constantly revamping the store. Often the same things, but there are also goods in warehouses that we do not have room for today. So it’s definitely worth the hard time you have to come and take a look later in the week. There may also be additional offers. But you also have to take into account that it’s really over.”

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