July 22, 2024

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Explore the space with the new virtual reality program “Final Frontier” at Arthouse LUX

Explore the space with the new virtual reality program “Final Frontier” at Arthouse LUX

In March, Arthouse LUX launched its new VR platform “Naturally Immersive” alongside its first VR platform Nu:Reality. Brand new virtual reality films will be shown on Thursday, May 16 again under the title “The final frontier”. Traveled through space from May 16 to July 17 with the Dutch production, among others Shadow time And produced by Darren Aronofsky Domains Including Millie Bobby Brown’s voice (Weird things).

About “The Final Frontier”

“Final Frontier” takes visitors on a cosmic journey through six different virtual reality films, including an indoor program where visitors enjoy a 360-degree film experience using their own VR headsets. In addition, there are three individual interactive experiences in which visitors are given controllers to determine the course of the story.

New virtual reality movies

in The first step By Jörg Courtial You’ll experience the historic Apollo 17 mission up close, I saw the future Written by François Vauthier immerses viewers in co-creator Stanley Kubrick’s vision of the future 2001: A space journey Arthur C. Clarke’s award-winning three-part spectacle Domains – Directed by Eliza McNitts, produced by Darren Aranofsky and featuring the voices of Millie Bobby Brown, Jessica Chastain and Patti Smith, it takes visitors on an immersive journey through space and the sounds that can be heard there. There is also a Dutch production to try, Shadow time Written by Sister Sylvester and Denise Tortum, they play with the idea that VR visitors are always in two places at the same time: the body in one world, but the heart in the other.

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Tickets can be purchased from Monday 13 May Via the website From Lux.