February 5, 2023

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Extended reality will soon display the result of plastic surgery

Extended reality will soon display the result of plastic surgery

Corten discovered Extended Reality thanks to popular social media apps like Snapchat and Face Swap. There you can, for fun, accentuate your face on other bodies or give it a completely different look, with virtual accessories and images. plastic surgeon suspicious It is also possible that this technique will be used to show people what their faces will look like after a surgical reconstruction.

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Patients with facial tumors often have surgery to remove the tumor as a very invasive procedure. After this, an ischemic surgery is usually required to reconstruct the face. Through the Seeing is Believing project, Eveline Corten now wants to develop an app that gives these patients “concrete” insight into what they can expect from reconstructive surgery(s).

Developing an application in which to display the expected results of facial reconstructive surgery still presents some challenges. “Snapchat’s algorithms rely on hundreds of thousands of images of ‘normal’ faces. We are dealing with faces with individual aberrations that are not very common. The app will not be perfect in three years, but it will be much better than the media material we have now,” says Curtin.

Personal education is important for patients undergoing facial reconstruction. During the process, which is more time-consuming and often requires multiple operations, it is good to be able to show not only the final result, but also the stages that lie between them. Then the patient knows what to expect.

Currently, there is very little useful visual material available to explain to patients what these different steps look like and the expected end result. Then there might be pictures, but it’s of a male patient with a mustache. The patient does not realize this. So you may want to have personal and vibrant informational materials. With Zien is Beloven, this should become possible in the long run,” says the plastic surgeon.