October 5, 2022

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F1 22 review: The hardest racing pinnacle in the same gear

F1 22 review: The hardest racing pinnacle in the same gear

an introduction

From a game that brings about the same thing annually but in a new jacket, you can expect that all the details have been worked out right down to the last detail. As our F1 22 review will show, that’s not the case in all respects this time around. The basic elements of the game are pico bello like every year; Beautiful cars, ultra-realistic tracks and an amazing (and sometimes scary) in-depth car simulation make F1 22 the best F1 game without a doubt.

But as motorsport enthusiasts know, it’s not that difficult, because this is also the only official racing game. Therefore, there is no doubt that F1 22 can get away with things that rivals might be punished for. Think of a very awkward and forced battle corridor system or one that’s too powerful learning curve For beginners, which the game doesn’t do much to loosen up.

What’s left is a strong F1 who, like every year, does a lot of things well, but doesn’t know how to innovate on the little spots where there is still play. As every Formula 1 driver knows, it’s all about those few milliseconds to win. It’s down to the smallest detail, and Codemasters still don’t pay much attention to that in F1 22.

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