July 25, 2024

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Favorable advice for Metro 3 to Bordeaux, but a long list of conditions

Favorable advice for Metro 3 to Bordeaux, but a long list of conditions

Cycling infrastructure

The laundry list also includes paying attention to bicycle parking. For example, the advisory committee wants to know why there are no bike sheds at Liedts and Colignon stations, and generally requests more covered bike parking spaces. There should also be bike slots along the stairs.

The guidance text also calls for increasing seats in stations, with a quarter of them equipped with backrests and armrests. Toilets at stations for less mobile people are also a point of interest.

The list, which you can refer to below in this article, also takes care of greening around the stations. For example, trees surrounding stations must have at least 1.20 m of soil. In particular, the Colignonplein in front of the Schaerbeek Town Hall should become greener than the current plans indicate.


The advisory committee’s advice is considered a new step towards the new metro, but a permit has not yet been obtained. This will be delivered by the Urban Regional Administration and is not expected until the end of this year.

“Belleris now has 6 months to submit the revised plans,” said the office of State Secretary for Urban Planning Ans Perssons (Vooruit.brussels). “If the plans meet the conditions of the consultation committee, the permit can be granted.” At that time, a new regional government is already expected to take office, which could also have a say in the metro extension file.

The costs of the entire metro project have also continued to rise in recent years and are now estimated at $4.7 billion, while the region faces financial drain.

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The complete Advice from the Consultation Committee It can be found here.