October 5, 2022

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FAVV recalls Kinder Surprise after salmonella outbreak

FAVV recalls Kinder Surprise after salmonella outbreak

The Federal Food Agency (FAVV) is calling for five Ferrero brand products to be suspended. These include Kinder Surpise and Kinder Mini Eggs. These chocolate products are very popular, especially now that Easter is approaching. But it is linked to the salmonella outbreak in Europe.

Relates to the following products produced at Ferrero in Arlon: Kinder Surprise 20g and 3x20g with an expiration date between 07/11/22 and 7/10/22, Kinder Surprise Maxi with an expiration date between 10/08/22 and 10/ 09/22, Schoko-Bons with an expiration date between 10/08/22 and 10/09/22 and Kinder Mini Eggs with an expiration date between 10/08/22 and 10/09/22. We urge consumers who own these products not to consume the products.

These products are popular with young children. As Easter approaches, the FASFC is asking parents and educators to check if they have these products in their possession, and if so, make sure they aren’t consuming them, says FASFC’s Helen Bont.

Since this file was notified to the FASFC, the agency has carried out additional and targeted checks at Ferrero in Belgium. After a series of salmonella outbreaks in several European member states, a study was conducted with the aim of identifying a common source. The investigation indicated that the Ferrero “Kinder Surprise” chocolate eggs were suspected of being food.

There are currently no confirmed cases associated with this outbreak in Belgium. A number of suspected cases are being investigated in cooperation with the community health services and the Sciensano National Reference Laboratory.

Salmonellosis is a common infection that in most cases heals without treatment. In some cases, salmonellosis can become more serious. In case of severe symptoms, you should consult a doctor who can start treatment. Possible symptoms of salmonellosis are fever, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea within 6 to 72 hours after eating contaminated food. Helen Ponty says that young children, pregnant women, people with poor resistance, and the elderly are more likely to develop symptoms.

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