December 9, 2022

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FaZe Clan defeats the defending champion and wins the "Counter-Strike" World Cup Final |  counter strike world cup

FaZe Clan defeats the defending champion and wins the “Counter-Strike” World Cup Final | counter strike world cup

In the ‘Counter-Strike’ World Cup Final in Sportpaleis, defending champion Natus Vincere (NAVI) fell against the very powerful FaZe Clan. The US national team will receive half a million dollars (473,000 euros). You can see all the highlights of the final match in the video below.

FaZe immediately challenges NAVI. In the first match on the map Inferno, the score was already 5-10 in front of FaZe after half an hour. One of its stars is Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard, a Norwegian who can do magic with his pistols. He’s already pretty old for esports at 27, and most players retire at 26. His team also includes a real old person, because Finn Andersen is still a great 32-year-old. But NAVI also has a natural talent in abundance, and could fall back to 9-12 in the final seconds of Round 21. It’s a tipping point as FaZe’s initial dominance crumbles and NAVI reaches 13-13 after just over an hour. The crowd chant loudly ‘NAVI, NAVI’ and 19-year-old Ukrainian Valeriy ‘b1t’ Vakhovskiy is giving his team a good lead.

At the age of 15-14, a tactical break sharpened the focus again, after which FaZe’s showbeast ‘karrigan’ took down Ilya ‘perfecto’ Zalutskiyen and Denis ‘electroNic’ Sharipov with an unusually brutal attack. With a score of 15-15, the match goes into overtime, and FaZe imposes the match point at 16-18. After a steamy final stage, FaZe can get their hands up in the air, also thanks to Saukants Helvijs ‘broky’. With no less than 30 kills, he is one of the most noteworthy players in the final, while his teammate “Matar” provided 15 assists.

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Show highlights

William Poiva and Mathias de Vliger discuss the highlights of the first match.

second match

The second game continues on the Nuke map. It’s NAVI’s choice, but it brings them anything but happiness. They get a triple kill in the “rain” ears, and the score goes up to 9-2 and 10-5. FaZe can indeed smell the cash prize, but with almost inhuman accuracy, “b1t” takes out two opponents with exactly two bullets. Once again, NAVI freaks out at FaZe’s leadership. It would be 12-8 and 12-10, but FaZe sorts things out and widens the gap again to a comfortable 15-10. In a grueling final stage, FaZe blew the opponent into a pile and won a major tournament for the first time and half a million dollars (473,000 euros).

“Carrigan” is the first to raise the cup, but “Rain” is undoubtedly the man of the match. Also in the second match he scored 30 kills, and also dealt NAVI the most damage. In NAVI, it is remarkable how some of the strong winners do not reach their level in the semi-finals. The ‘s1mple’ topper, for example, is stuck at 17 kills, compared to 28 and 30 in the semi-finals. NAVI should have thought about it for a while, but FaZe has clearly been particularly strong. The hero is more than justified and a cohesive group as evidenced by their first reactions after winning:

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“Carrigan” stirs the crowd. © screenshot

Carrigan raises the cup. © screenshot