July 20, 2024

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Fearing invasion, the US embassy begins eviction, our country withdraws comrades from Ukraine

Fearing invasion, the US embassy begins eviction, our country withdraws comrades from Ukraine

High voltage because the Americans believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine could happen at any time. We need to speed up the escalation of phone calls among high-ranking officials, as foreign nationals and US embassy staff are leaving Ukraine.

The Foreign Service has begun the process of expelling embassy staff in Kiev. The American newspaper reported Washington Post Based on the mail traffic of US services. In the same email, US services also advise Americans to return to the United States. The United States says the reason for the expulsion is growing fears of a possible Russian invasion “at any moment.” Andhra Pradesh News Agency had earlier said that plans were afoot to vacate the embassy. From Sunday, the embassy will continue to work with nuclear staff.

The Belgian FBS Foreign Affairs for Belgians in Ukraine on Saturday morning also tightened consultations. Those who are not in need in the country are advised to come back to Belgium. On Friday evening, the European Union called on non-essential workers to leave the country. The United States and the United Kingdom launched such a call on Friday morning. Germany and the Netherlands did so on Saturday afternoon. German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach has announced that her embassy in Kiev will also be set up for minimal occupation.

Satellite images

That change is the result of new information available to Americans via satellite. From those pictures it was concluded that the troop concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine continues unhindered. “A raid could happen at any time,” US security experts concluded. Enough reason for President Joe Biden to call his European counterparts and explain the confusing findings.

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During the training of a Ukrainian soldier

Photo: A.P.

The Russian Foreign Minister was not pleased with the US move. “They are campaigning for a possible Russian occupation. In addition, they continue to ignore our security needs. Russia’s ambassador to the United States said the findings and panic in the magazine were” completely unfounded. ” News WeekAt the same time, their foreign ministry said they had “optimized” their own diplomatic staff in Ukraine. The Russians do not want to say whether this is about less staff. “The embassy can continue to perform its core functions,” a spokesman said.

Diplomacy continues

As in previous weeks, all sides are ready to talk. That is why the summit is to be held today. Foreign ministers Lavrov and Blingen called for calm. But two presidents, Putin and Biden, are in line tonight. This is the first meeting between the two leaders since December.

In addition to US-Russian consultations, France is intervening in the matter. French President Macron will call Putin the next day. From Germany came the warning that an invasion of Russia would impose sanctions on it.

Ukraine continues to call for peace. “It simply came to our notice then that we were not alone. It will undermine stability and create panic, “said Ukraine’s Foreign Office.

Exercises continue

Despite mounting tensions, the Russian military’s planned exercises in the Black Sea begin today. The Russian Foreign Office said the exercises were “to protect us”. The exercise is part of a series of major military exercises in the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Belarus. Russia calls any concerns about those maneuvers “American hysteria.”

Additional troops are being sent from the United States to Eastern Europe. 3000 players are expected to arrive in Poland in the coming days. They will be there to strengthen the 8,500 soldiers already stationed.