February 2, 2023

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Fedarsson checks out the Red Devils: "Be brave and play that most difficult pass" |  FIFA World Cup 2022

Fedarsson checks out the Red Devils: “Be brave and play that most difficult pass” | FIFA World Cup 2022

At Villa Sorza, the negativity that lived on after the defeat to Morocco was expelled and replaced with more positivity or hope. Analyst Arnar Vidarsson has been called in to thoroughly understand the Red Devils’ game and to give advice to the national coach.

Now that the dust has settled after the Moroccan bombing, sobriety can return. And who is more real than the wonderful Icelandic Arnar Fedarsson? Fedarson delved into the “hidden” statistics of the Belgian team, especially Villa Sorza.

“I was looking for a solution and the problem is that the players lack courage and over-body mentality.”

“Martínez is now shooting easy, who was always protective of his players. He treats them like his own children and you never let them down.”

“But it’s up to those guys to show more courage now. It makes sense to get more careful as you get older. When I was 19 I bungee jumped, and now I won’t do it again.”

Take the pressure off your shoulders. Dare to play that ball on the 16th.

Arnar Federsson

Martinez does not ask to play this ball endlessly.

Fedarson brings data to support his point. “It took the Belgians 65 keys to the ball to reach 16 meters at once. Just because they didn’t dare give that hard pass. The top teams do it, the Belgians did too a few years ago.”

“The data also says that the Belgian players want to run deep, there is enough movement. Only that ball is not played.”

“Here’s why: You dare play that ball on the 16th. Throw that pressure on your shoulders! They can do it all. Martinez doesn’t ask to play that ball endlessly. The players do it themselves.”

Isn’t it an important problem that the main passer Kevin De Bruyne is not being used enough at the moment? “De Bruyne asked for the ball 87 times, but received it only 30 times. It is logical that at some point he will ask the ball from the defense. But that is exactly what the opponent wants.”

Daily talk show about the World Cup in Qatar. Carl Vanyukerke and his guests relive the last day of the “Winter Circus Sporza” in Ghent. With more attention to the Red Devils, of course. Studio guests are Arnar Vidarsson, Brecht Dejaegere, Wesley Sonck and Frank Boeckx.

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