December 8, 2023

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FIFA Streamer accounts hacked and players and FUT coins stolen

FIFA Streamer accounts hacked and players and FUT coins stolen

A number of prominent FIFA broadcasters have lost their coins and FUT players after their accounts were hacked. The EA is currently investigating hacks.

A British newspaper reported that Daily Mirror. The hacks managed to happen with a simple chat trick in the EA Helpdesk. Using the player name or PSN ID associated with an EA account, hackers were able to obtain email addresses from those accounts via the EA Help Live chat feature. Passwords can also be easily changed in this way.

FIFA player and Ultimate Team FUT Donkey trader, one of the victims, said on Twitter that he is preparing for legal action against EA. “They gave my account to a random person. This is clearly a violation of data protection rules.”

According to FUT Donkey, in his case, the theft could have been prevented easily. He notified EA Live twice of an attempt to steal his account. He had previously seen his mailbox flooded with emails confirming requests to contact the help desk. He could ring the bell all he wanted, but it didn’t help, he says. “I can’t do more than that and frankly I don’t have to worry about this as a player. These have to be basic security measures. Disgusting.”

EA told the Daily Mirror it was aware of the problems. “We are currently investigating this,” a company spokesperson said.

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