July 23, 2024

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Film crew Harry and Meghan are not welcome during the Queen’s Anniversary Celebration |  showbiz

Film crew Harry and Meghan are not welcome during the Queen’s Anniversary Celebration | showbiz

PropertyThe bullet goes through the church: Prince Harry (37) and his wife Meghan Markle (40) are coming to the UK in June to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s (96) jubilee. Good news, but palace staff are concerned that the couple will bring a camera crew to the event. To write “sun”.

It has long been in doubt, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will still be present at Queen Elizabeth’s anniversary celebration in early June. In addition, they take with them their two children, Archie and Lilipet. It is undoubtedly a relief to the Queen, who will be able to cuddle her granddaughter for the first time. But the palace staff are concerned. Harry and Meghan are filming a documentary for Netflix.

“The family is excited about Harry and Meghan’s coming, but they fear the tensions, especially regarding the cast of the Netflix movie,” reads “The Sun.” They fear the situation will explode when the team comes to the UK and try to take every opportunity possible. It is feared that they will try to reach certain locations where they can photograph Harry, Meghan and the children. Even if they accepted not to let the Netflix crew into Buckingham Palace for filming, they could still cause problems — and at least create a major distraction.” Senior board members fear Netflix will see this as an opportunity to cash in on a multimillion-dollar deal with the couple. That’s why the team Staff will be on standby to monitor the crew.”

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What role Harry and Meghan will play during the anniversary celebration remains a question mark. Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth announced that she would not be allowed to appear on the balcony during “Trooping the Color”. This honor is reserved only for “members of the royal family”. It also means Prince Andrew, who has to step back after accusations of sexual assault, will not be on the balcony. Harry and Meghan can be seen during the grand finale of their weekend party, on Sunday, June 5.

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