September 26, 2022

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Finally: Stephen Curry breaks the NBA 3-pointer record |  NBA

Finally: Stephen Curry breaks the NBA 3-pointer record | NBA

Stephen Curry would have loved to break Ray Allen’s 3-point record in front of his San Francisco fans, but having Allen, Reggie Miller and his family in the stands at Madison Square Garden in New York wasn’t bad either.

“If I can’t do this at home, that must have been a great plan B,” Carrey smiled. Curry threw his 2,974 triple pointer through the ring in the first quarter of a game against the New York Knicks.

What followed was a long pause in the match. Warriors coach Steve Kerr asked for a timeout and Curry was able to celebrate the record. He hugged his parents, teammates and Ray Allen, who held the record for ten years.

Curry would hold the record for most three-pointers in the NBA for a long time. Throughout his career, he has averaged over 5 per game. He’s already hit 145 goals from three throws this season, and no one else in the NBA has made more than 100.

Golden State went on to win in New York: 96-105. This is the fourth consecutive loss for the Knicks. After an unexpected climax last season, New York in a pitiful twelfth place in the Eastern Conference, not enough for a place in the playoffs.

Stephen Curry, the Three Point Revolution, and Ray Allen are discussed extensively in the “triple pointer” of our podcast Fitchback. Listen below to that episode with Joris Brys and Dennis Xhat.