March 25, 2023

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Fire in a Syrian port after an Israeli air strike

Fire in a Syrian port after an Israeli air strike

Syrian state television reported that a fire broke out in the container port in the Syrian city of Latakia after an Israeli air strike. This is the second air strike launched by Israel in December.

It will also damage the facade of a hospital, homes and shops. The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that “the Israeli aggression caused massive material damage, and the maps are still continuing.” Latakia is the country’s main port.

Israel has launched a “shadow war” against targets in Syria linked to Iran in recent months. Iranian militias led by Hezbollah in Lebanon now control large swathes of eastern, southern, and northwest Syria, as well as the Lebanese-Syrian border areas.

Israel has said it aims to end Iran’s military presence in Syria, which intelligence sources say has expanded in recent years.

On November 24, Israeli attacks on the western Syrian province of Homs killed five people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

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