September 30, 2023

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First fatal shark attack off Sydney in nearly 60 years: 'This swimmer was bitten literally in two years'

First fatal shark attack off Sydney in nearly 60 years: ‘This swimmer was bitten literally in two years’

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A swimmer has been stung to death by a 4.5-meter white shark off the coast of Sydney, Australia. It’s been 1963 since anyone in that area was attacked near the beach.

In Australia, three swimmers died last year after being attacked by a shark. But this was on the other side of the island, not Sydney. The beach areas there are considered safe. That’s been since 1963 since a great white shark caught near shore. Until now.

The weather was nice, and the sea was calm. “There were many swimmers in the water and others took a pedal boat ride or just enjoyed themselves on an air mattress,” said eyewitness Chris Lento. “Suddenly we heard a terrible shriek and saw the shark take the swimmer between his teeth and disappear with a strong spray. Released for a moment, the swimmer struggled, but then the beast immediately attacked again. It was as if he was chewing his victim.”


At the time, Lintou was rock fishing at Buchan Point, a popular spot for rock and harpoon anglers between the beaches of Little Bay and Malabar. It happened a few dozen meters from where he was standing.

“We can do nothing but warn the other swimmers to get out of the water as quickly as possible. We can do nothing for the victim. I will remember his screams, which went literally to marrow and bone. It was sheer horror,” said the fisherman.

Rescuers also saw through their binoculars how mercilessly struck the predator. “The victim was literally bitten in two. They testified that the animal swam with half. They estimated the length of the great white shark to be about 4.5 meters.

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After the attack, the predator was searched by sea and air. According to a spokesperson for the Department of Primary Industries (DPI), which will investigate the incident, a bull shark was spotted about 15 kilometers offshore. But perhaps that was not the “culprit”.

The first accident in 60 years

This was the first incident in Sydney in nearly 60 years. Then 32-year-old actress Marcia Hathaway was dragged in front of her boyfriend. He tried to save her after the shark grabbed her by the leg the first time. Shortly thereafter, a second fatal attack ensued. The shark bit her in the thigh and dragged her along. The woman’s body was found severely beaten.

Father and son disappeared

There was another accident two weeks ago. Then the father and his 10-year-old son disappeared while fishing in Little Bay. A wave of rocks swept them into the water. Not found yet. Peter’s widow – and Mahan’s mother – now wonders if they, too, have fallen victim to a shark.